You have stumbled across the (in character) diary of a demoness currently living in Legacies 1891. A thick tomb bound by strange soft leather. The cover is warm to the touch and seems to shift under your fingers.

It is full of pages written in deep crimson ink. The first pages are so faded as to hardly be recognizable. Written in a strange combination of languages, it is mostly written in Demonic script, the letters shifting on the page as if alive.  Names found within are difficult to read, unable to be looked at directly as if a spell is keeping you from seeing them fully.

Some entries are written in clean short script, information that shouldn’t be known and yet somehow is recorded in the pages of this manuscript.

Other entries are written in a flowing script, seemingly by the demoness herself.

There are bits of loose pages stuck in the journal here and there, notes crammed into the pages to be kept.

This is a living document…in more ways than one.